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Recovering Data

There is hardly anything more frustrating than having all your information or photos on a hard drive and then your computer crashes and you think that you have lost everything. Fortunately today though there is a solution and that solution is with SERT Data Recovery, a company that can retrieve any data that you thought you may have lost on a hard drive. The company does not restrict itself to only dealing with hard drives though as they can also retrieve data from memory chips, memory cards or almost any other data storage device.

Of course, in some cases no data can be retrieved but in most cases, most data can be but you can either take the drive, card or chip to them and they will fully analyze it and let you know what can be done and not be done so you can take it from there. Of course, if you not live close to one of the company’s offices, then contact the company and they will advise you as to how to package it for mailing to them.

Although many places like Best Buy, Apple, Staples and Office Depot may claim to be able to retrieve data, they are not data retrieval professionals and in fact only hook it up to software and hope that the software can identify and retrieve what has been lost. At SERT however, all their staff are fully trained in data recovery and are professionals specialized in that task.

Trying to repair your hard drive yourself or even trying to recover data from it yourself can be a huge mistake as in attempting to do that, you may lose all possibility of the data ever being recovered and so if your hard drive crashes, starts to smoke, scratches, scrapes or knocks, refuses to boot up or basically gives trouble in any way, that is the time to call a professional data recovery engineer, like SERT, so that they will have the best chance to recover everything you thought you may lose.

Once SERT has been able to retrieve your data, they will transfer it from their hard drives to a data storage device of your choosing so you can pick it up or have them mail it to you. The cost of retrieval obviously depends on both the device and the type of damage suspected but SERT will give you a free quote once you have given them the details.

If we have photos on our camera from weddings, family gatherings or other events, if we have information on our laptops about upcoming projects or even if we have contact numbers on our cell phones, obviously it is best if we have backed them all up somewhere else but if we have not had the time or the opportunity to do so and something happens to our device, it could adversely affect our future, sometimes seriously. For that reason it is best to know now, who your nearest retrieval professional is or how to contact one.